This is us.

  • Rita Petrulak

    Rita is involved in 1,000 projects and still sees every missing comma. She annoys everyone but also ensures high standards. Without this nothing works anyway. She often talks about young target groups at large conferences. She constantly brings people into the house and likes people who, like her, do something with passion and like to drink black coffee.

  • Christopher Böhm

    Chris is the graphics and concept guru and knows every case in the industry. Every single one. He knows all KPIs because user experience and data are important to him. He constantly optimizes everything, including himself. Nobody knows how and when he teaches himself a new tool every week. And the general rule is: If nobody knows, Chris knows. He also loves videos and illustrations. And whisky.

  • Andreas Freitag

    Andreas' confusion tactic is that everyone calls him Paul. Once you understand that, you can ask him about every detail of a running project. He has an overview of all campaigns and is the boss of workflows. He is also a hobby instagramer and a colleague who constantly brings flowers, doughnuts, pretzels and white sausages with him. We love him for that.

Where to find us.


Süddeutsche Zeitung GmbH
Hultschiner Street 8
81677 Munich